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* Do you know what Telnet is?

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Telnet serves as a network protocol that allows users to access and manage remote computers through the Internet or a local area network (LAN). With Telnet, individuals can establish connections to remote systems and seamlessly carry out tasks as though physically present in front of the target computer.

Functioning as a client-server protocol, Telnet operates by initiating connections from a client device to a server device. The client transmits commands to the server, which then responds with output, facilitating user interaction with the command-line interface of the remote system. Underneath, Telnet relies on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) as its transport protocol of choice.

The steps for using Telnet are the following:

  • Step 1: Starting a session
  • Step 2: Connecting to the remote computer
  • Step 3: Controlling the remote computer
  • Step 4: Ending the session

Telnet is a simple and easy-to-use protocol that is still a widely supported tool with practical applications.

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